Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Most Iconic Handbags Named After Royalty & Famous Stylish Stars

Carla Bruni: "Roger Vivier Miss Viv Bag" The fashion icon wore the tres chic "Miss ViV bag" during a French public holiday and gained much popularity and had a following cult, so Roger named the bag after her. Women who wear this bag are classic, chic mature socialites.

The singer wanted a bag where she can fit her stuff in, and complained to Hermes president about the Kelly being too small, so he created the Birkin which is slightly bigger and named it after her, women who wear this bag are young, fashion forward alot of pop stars and younger fashionistas love this bag!

Named Queen of bags, Grace was hiding her baby bump with this Hermes bag and it became a big hit, so was the bag was named after her! women that wear this bag are described as "old money" that are sophisticated & elegant

Jackie O-"Gucci's Bouvier Bag" First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was seen spotted wearing this bag alot that Gucci names the bag after her and renamed the bag from Bouvier to her name

Brigitte Bardot-"GUCCI'S BARDOT BAG",Gucci designed it astribute to the 1960's silver screen sexy kitten women described wearing this bag are classical & glamorous!

Princess Diana-"TOD'S D-BAG", Princess Diana was constantly spotted wearing this bag, Tod has name the bag after her death, as it was her favourite bag, and has been such a sensational bag.

Alexa Chung-"MULBERRY ALEXA BAG" Mulberry were so inspired by the new "IT" girl's fashionable style that they named the bag after her,it evolved from a vintage Mulberry manbag to a SOLD OUT Alexa bag Women who wear this bag are described as young,modern,casual and that appreciate the vintage look

Jessica Stam-"MARC JACOB'S STAM BAG" the bag is reminiscent of Chanel with its quilted leather and vintage gold chain look, it was named after this Canadian super model, and became a MUST HAVE BAG in every girl's closet!

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