Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jet-Setter's Inflight Fashion

 Nowadays people are attaining the jet-setting lifestyle, and personally I do not want to compromise my style for comfort!
  Reina carries a wide range of track suits with soft colors for the season, a perfect answer to the dilema. the cuts are feminine, comfortable yet stylish; which is what most women are looking for.
Below are tips of the Do's & dont's of travel comfort:


  • USA Today reported that Dr Elain Jong said that gastrointestinal gasses expand at high altitudes, so you should wear loose clothing around your stomach. This is obviously a good tip for any long haul trips as you will be restricted to a small space for a long time so need to feel comfortable.

  • Avoid chunky coats that won't fit in the overhead locker and are difficult to remove when in a small seat.

  • Natural fibres will be the most comfortable and will allow your skin to breathe.

  • Try to wear long sleeves both to stay warm and to protect your arms in case of someone spilling a hot drink whilst navigating the narrow aisles

  • Layer up. Wear lots of thin layers instead of a few thick ones as this will enable you to add or reduce layers according to whether you are in a hot airport or the cold plane. This is also a good idea if you are starting off in one type of climate and ending up in a much hotter or colder one.

  • Trousers are always preferable to skirts or dresses as they offer more comfort and warmth and easier movement especially if climbing over other flyers to reach the aisle. In addition in the unlikely event of an emergency or crash legs are less likely to be damaged if covered by oants than they are if left bare or in flamable nylons

  • Avoid linen which is likely to crease easily

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