Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exclusive Interview with the first VBLOGGER in Dubai...Shamim Kassibawi

Meet the bubbly fun Shamim of "Shamim's thoughts", she launched her video blog after working and gaining experience from a PR company and decided to cover cool events happening in Dubai from fashion, launches of new brands and more...She is actually the first Vblogger in Dubai, and what makes her unique is there is no editing involved, raw footage! her natural flare adds an authentic feel to the coverage.

We wanted to know what are events to look forward to this SUMMER.."I also hear there is a brand that has an instore launch next hawt but very hush hush for now.." (I GUESS WE HAVE TO WAIT & SEE)

attending many events we wanted to know what is the coolest most creative entertainment element present that you loved..." am loving the new photos idea it is absolutely a hit..Fishfayce are fabulous, the dancers at the splash fashion show was also great"

Dubai,I know the heat is crazy however back home it’s freezing and it’s a No No for me. …having said that New Zealand is heaven in summer

Miss PR machine, social butterfly and Dubai's #1 video blogger. Love it, live it and breath it. Auckland New Zealand/Dubai. Can never make up my mind, down side of the best star sign LIBRA:) I am as multi-cultural as they get..I’m not white, and I'm not black..I’m not Arab and I’m not a western. What I’m I?

Fav beach or holiday place? When it comes to Dubai, I love JBR beach, its young, happening and you always have a good time while enjoying the sun and usually someone else’s sound system.

Can’t live without for the summer? My sunnies are a must, I fear wrinkles. I never leave the house without my sun glasses and when I do ..I actually feel naked the whole day.

What trend will you be wearing for the beach? It’s all about the bright nail polish in Summer for me, I really feel like it makes the final matter what you are wearing you add a hot colour and your the moment I am in love N Style’s summer colours..I just can’t stay away!

Beauty secret for the summer? Drink lots and lots of water the heat in this city is crazy and can get you dehydrated, which leads to feeling tired and losing your overall energy…I really think beauty is from within and you don’t want to lose your energy ladies do you?..
P.S sun screen is also a must

What swimwear cut to you pick for your body type? I am a fan of the one piece, I love how you can get them in sooo many styles, I also think bikinis are overdone..

What is your fav Reina swimwear piece?I know I said bikinis are overdone but Reina came out with a couple that I would actually love to favorite would have to be the yellow one..very bright very

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