Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exclusive interview with one of DINZ designers RIMA ZAHRAN

Meet the fabulous Rima Zahran that designed the gorgeous MUST HAVE summer accessory, which is the turqoise geometric necklace, a statement piece with any look, especially swimwear, it adds that glamour element and it will sure turn heads!!! Show off your tanned body with that added accessory to complete that HOT summer look on an exotic island.
retails at $175 which is a steal!!!

Dinz brand consists of two sisters, items include t-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, bracelets, earrings, neck scarves and jackets. The sisters are constantly coming up with new ideas and being inspired by their surroundings to create new items which not only make a statement, but also represent the people wearing them.

Fav beach or holiday place? Marbella, its home sweet home for me

 Can’t live without for the summer? Sun block for sure! I am one of those freaks that applies SPF 50 before I go out every time, I am scared to wrinkle.

What trend will you be wearing for the beach? Wow so many! I love bright hats on the beach. I also adore bright printed kaftans and long necklaces like the green or orange hand one by Dinz.

Beauty secret for the summer?I have an obsession with healthy skin so in the summer even more so. I try my best to eat salad with every meal and drink fresh juices to keep my skin and hair glowing. With so much sun, swimming in the sea and pool the skin and hair gets tiered. I also make sure to put a rich calming mask every night. One I love is by La Prairie.

What swimwear cut would you pick for your body type? I am not a big fan of tan lines so bandeau would be my favorite.

What is your fav Reina swimwear piece? Its so hard to choose, they’re all amazing! I feel like going to a resort every time I look at them., If I had to choose I think I would have to say the Gold bikini, in all 3 colors!!

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