Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brazilian Blowout!...How celebs beat the FRIZZ...JLO tames her bouncy locks

We have heard of many hair treatments that are suppossed to de-frizz, add shine and restore the softness of your hair. My hesitation is, I want to take away the frizz, but still maintain the natural bounce and volume of my hair, to be able to wear it wavy without the frizz and if i get a blowout my ends would still flip without having pin-straight ends.

I have colored my hair and wanting a strong treatement, especially that summer is here, being exposed to the sun and humidity, is a recipe for disaster, and finaly i found a treatement that I feel comfortable trying without fearing the loss of my natural bounce "Brazilian Blowout", apprantley lots of celebs have been doing this treatment and it has been getting a lot of buzz.

Some of the celebs that are doing it are known for their gorgeous hair, Jennifer Aniston, JLO, Lindsey Lohan and more...

The treatment lasts from 10-12 weeks, you can wash your hair staright away, unlike other treatment where you cannot wash after the treatment for a week or so.

It is recommended that you use "Acai after-care" products to help maintain the treatment and lasts longer, the after-care includes a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and masque!

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