Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GET Kourtney Kardashian's HOT SUMMER BODY!

Kourtney has a great body and has landed the cover of "SHAPE" magazine May issue, she is the best person to get advice from in terms of loosing weight and getting the body you want, she had to struggle with it after giving birth to Mason!

Below are her tips:

1) LOVE YOUR BODY: even if you feel its not your ideal body weight or you dont like what you see, accept it and love it and believe you will achieve your ideal body weight

2) eat every 2-3 hours

3) Have your meals in small portions (she would eat 2 oreos vs the whole pack)

4) Substitute your food, (instead of a sugary latte, she would opt to a less-calorie packed drink)

4) Include workout such as cardio (if you dont like working out or don't have the time, include it within you lifestyle, walk the stair instead of the elevator or walk to a destination thats close by)

5)For toning Kourtney does alot of lunges & squats to shape her legs and butt


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