Friday, May 27, 2011

GLOW LIKE JLO! Great Face Highlighters...Where should you apply it?

There are a lot of great highlighters out there, these are my fav ones, it depends on what look your going for, and what tones you prefer, I have given options of gold/silver. Highlighters are offered in different forms (liquids and cream sticks, pick the base that you like ;)

NARS -Orgasm Cream Stick highlighter (gold)

NARS -Cult Cream Stick highlighter (silver)

BENEFIT-High Beam Liquid highlighter (silver)

Benefit-Moon Beam Liquis highlighter (gold)

MAC-Hush Cream Base highlighter (silver)

MAC-Improper Copper Cream Base highlighter (gold)

Simple day Look (Fresh Glow)

Evening Look (more defined)

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