Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pastel Colored Coconut Peach Cookies...Recipe for coconut topping!

Love the colors of the shredded coconut, such a creative fun way in decorating your baked cookies or cupcakes, a Fun Summer family affair, where you can spend the afternoon with the kids or with friends creating different colored toppings.

I would love to have some of that coconut topping on my icecream by the beach!

I found the coconut recipe from 2 blogs "A FANCY TREE HOUSE" and "A BEAUTIFUL MESS" you can check out how you can create this particular peach cookie, I wanted to share how you can create the colored shredded coconuts, which can be used as a topping to almost anything and make it look stylish and fun!

Basically you can buy these shredded coconuts from any super market ready packed, or freshly shred it yourself. All you need is food coloring and a ziplock bag (sandwich plastic bag) have a bunch of shredded coconut in the bag and add a drop of food coloring, shake well, and there you have it, for certain colors such as peach (mix drop of red & drop of yellow) and lilac (drop of blue & drop of red), you can play around with the color mixtures and basically create any color you want, depending on your mood or the theme of your party)

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