Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bounce off the Pounds!!!...with Cellercise only 10 minutes a day workout!

Im inlove with my new cellerciser, its amazing!

What a fun way to do your cardio workout, Blast the muscic and start bouncing, there are different workouts and movements, whats cool is that you burn more calories jogging on the cellerciser than a regular job on the running machine.

I feel so refreshed and energized after the workout, and it didnt feel like a workout, where you actually count the mins and can't wait till its over!

There are so many benefits working out using the David Hall's Cellerciser :
-75 trillion cells flexing over 100 time per min
-"triple-tierd" tapered spring
-Only 10 mins a day
- Works all your cells and organs
-Increases Oxygen to the body

You can also add a bar, for extra support, and do your regular workouts such as lunges and push-ups on the outer edge of the mini-trampoline, its versatile and seriously tones you Body!!!

No excuses for not working out while your traveling or on holiday, they actually have a travel pack cellerciser, foldable and easy to set-up!

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