Saturday, June 11, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle...Kale Chips?...A Yummy Snack?

Aghh! We are all trying to either loose weight or maintain a certain weight, with all the temptations around us, making it difficult!

Start by substituting your snacks, if you are craving chips or french fries opt for Kale Chips...

Kale Chips? Raw, dehydrated kale.
Benefits? Rich in antioxidants, calcium and vitamin A. When dried, kale has a crispy texture making it a healthy and tasty snack, Red & Yellow Kale chips are Gluten, Dairy and Soy-free, great for Vegans
Sold? Any Wholefoods or Organic Food store, ONLINE click here

When I first saw the packet, I was put off, it looked like crispy seaweed, I personally dont like the taste of seaweed, It was not bad at all, I would totaly watch a movie and munch on some Kales!

This Superfood is a popular raw comfort food, offered in so many flavours, such as Ranch,Nacho,Curry and more.

Those little chips fill you up, so you won't feel hungry so fast.

Make your own Kale chips, below is a book GreenChef Juli Novotny

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