Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exclusive Reina Summer Wedding Guide with event planner GURU Bibi Hayat

Reina Swimwear teamed up with November's wedding planner GURU Bibi Hayat, who has created gorgeous, sophisticated, chic weddings in Kuwait to many of these social fashionistas that don't compromise when it comes to their wedding. Bibi has to cater to different tastes, styles and themes, so we have asked her to complete the Reina wedding guide with four different personality styles.
1. Traditional Bride
2. Glamorous Bride
3. Fashion Forward Bride
4. Simple Bride

1. Trational Bride (GRACE KELLY)

Ellie Saab

2. Glamorous Bride (ELIZABETH TAYLOR)

Christian Dior

3. Fashion Forward Bride (AUDREY HEPBURN)


4. Simple Bride (CAROLYN BESSETTE)

Ines Di Santo

My personal wedding style is eclectic and a bit boheme. With lovely colours and grande decorative pieces placed in corners that make you feel you are in a gallery more than just a wedding venue.

If I would have a beach wedding I'd love it to be in Mexico, and to use the local plants flowers and of course traditions as part of the setup, gorgeous colorful lace, bougainvillea plants and delicious tapas.

The odd bridezilla is likely to come into my office, but I've gotten used to it, being a bridezilla means the client is nervous, used to be in control or just highly anxious, we try to tackle those issues and then find that the moment there is comfort and trust between client and our company, the bride becomes the bride, no "zilla "

There are so many strange requests for weddings, i have lost track on the strangest, but due to client confidentiality , cannot be specific, but i've had my share of looking for days on end for a perfect shade of peach that never impressed the client, and looking for more and more options, which is difficult in Kuwait, as we are not able to get all species of flowers, but vie also had clients that want themed events such as a carnival style wedding or a red and black checkered wedding, sometimes the ideas are brilliant but if they don't work within budget or location it could look quite messy and possibly tacky

The main elements for a successful wedding included a great venue, artistic lighting and shading and an abundance of a certain aesthetic piece, be it candles, colour,flowers or material draping, more is more is more, drama is key to impressing your events be it in a subtle or over the top manner, but a lot of one concept is better than a little bit of everything, guests need to feel the mood and ambiance from the moment they enter the event, and last but not least smell is important , I love it when guests walk in saying how much they love the scent of jasmine everywhere.

I never can say I absolutely love a whole event, I like certain aspects from many weddings tied into one, but I loved most parts of nicole riches wedding with a dash of Ellen Degeneres wedding to Portia Di Rossi which consisted of one long table with mix matched chairs and a gorgeous material Canapé tent, and the grand centerpieces at trumps dinner reception, and the tent of Fergies wedding, and add a touch of the charm and simplicity of Reese wither spoons wedding and you get an amazing party

Beauty secret? Sunscreen! Its for every season not only summer

What swimwear cut to you pick for your body type? I prefer one pieces, or two pieces with billowy kaftans and big floppy hats

What is your fav Reina swimwear piece? love both the copocabana and the miami in coral. as coral is my favourite!

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