Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spray Tanning NOT just a healthy glow but can DEFINE MUSCLES

Ever wondered how these celebs have that dewy golden glowy tan, and look toned. It takes a team of experts that prep these stars before a GOLDEN GLOBE or any public/show appearances such as DANCING WITH THE STARS. They get a first layer of color, then the artwork starts, where the artist etches muscles like effects using darker and lighter tones of the spray tan, they can also create a cleavage like effect to make your bust area look fuller and bigger! KIM K is a great example.

We shot our swimwear collection in the winter and we had to prep our model for the shoot and she got a spray tan, make sure you dont pick a dark color if you naturally have lighter skin and have not been exposed to the sun, otherwise you turn orange, start out with picking a shade that is two times darker than your current skin tone.

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