Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty Tip: Hey Gorgeous Gals...Want that young plump look?... sick of the "tierd-look"?...oily hair? Here are tips on how to always look fresh!!!

It sucks sometimes when you are so busy and don't have the time to take care of yourself, rushing from place to place,lack of sleep, especially while on holiday, you might face an issue with oily skin & hair, under-eye bags, sweaty body...well you fabulous ladies, we are human and get these opss days, but the secret in not to reveal it, but disguise it ;) YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK FABULOUS NO MATTER WHAT!

below are some helpful tips:

Baby Wipes

They refresh your face has a cooling effect, and softens your skin, also helps in removing deodorants marks.For these desperate times when your sweating and dont have the time to shower while on holiday its useful to wipe along your whole body and feel an instant clean feel.

Haemorrhoid Cream

Great remedy for puffy eyes and swollen cheeks, just apply along the jawline and you get an instant face lift. Most of the models use it backstage, before a show, and many makeup artists apply it before they apply makeup. So if you had a late night or didn't have a good night;s sleep its a great way in disguising it.
note: the cream has a distinctive smell, mix it with your moisturizer diffuse the smell and dab a bit of perfume behinf your ear.

Eye drops

Reduces redness also has the same effect on pimples, add some drops on a cotton bud and keep it on the primple for 10-15 seconds.

Talc Powder or Dry Shampoo

Mix some powder with your hands and work your hand through your hair, mostly apply on your scalp, as the powder absorbs the oil in your hair, with the dry shampoo which a little more pricier than the talc powder, just spray on your scalp and you see the instanst change, it will look fresh and clean.


Always comes in handy, its the best cover-up when it comes to under-eye bags and dark circles, your eyes are the tell-all when it comes to looking tierd.

Face brightner

Thats always helpful, even if you dont plan to wear makeup, concealer and brightner complete each other, you can apply it below your eye and on your cheek bones etc gives you a fresh healthy look!


Finding Mr. Bright includes:
* Shimmering Girl Meets Pearl primer
* High Beam highlighter
* Posie Tint cheek stain
* Erase Paste Potconcealer

learn more on how to win this set by visiting REINA STYLE & comment below on which is your fav tip from the above 6.


  1. Great tips! :O) My favourite tip is tip#1 about the baby wipes! Had no idea they were so useful! :O)

  2. Loving the talc powder in your hair tip- I get greasy hair mid-week and it sucks when I have to go to a party or event and don't have time to wash the hair...even blow dry doesn't work. But applying the powder to the roots helps big time. And I dont even need to spend so much of money on hairsprays anymore!! <3

  3. Tip 1 abt baby wipes is the best- I knew they were good for removing make-up in a hurry but they remove sweat stains as well? It's like a mini miracle- so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like the eye-drops tip. I had no clue about their effect on pimples! Love your blog btw and the post about the LV totes.

  5. Can I say I like all the tips? These are just very cool esp the pimple bit. I tried toothpaste as well but didn't work. Ive got eye drops lying at home, can't wait to try :)

  6. Eye drops trick is so cool !!

  7. Love this blog and the fb page. Hope i win this bec I'd like to have a fab summer :)

  8. Like the eye drops and the talcum powder tip. :-)

  9. I love the face brightener tip. You can even use a little bit on your bare legs in the summer to make them get that shimmery glow.

  10. Loved all the tips- pls do keep posting such tips and tricks- it's amazing how baby wipes, eye drops, hemarroid cream can do such wonders!!!! I also would like to know what wonders the Mr. Bright Kit will do to my face so plzzzz pick me as the winner. :) My skin always looks like crap in the summer and I hate it!

  11. OMG I just brought a bottle of dry shampoo and even then I get tht oily look to my hair. I didnt know abt powder to use instead. Im going to try this right away. thanksss for this brilliant tip!!!!!

  12. High Beam trick is awesome !


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