Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Models best kept QUICK FIX weight-loss secret!

We all sometimes need to loose some weight to fit into a certain dress or outfit, super models face this problem on a daily basis where they some back from a vacation and need to go back to work, they can be bloated at times or gained some extra weight and need to look HOT in their runway outfits or cover shoot, I have shared two secret tips that they use in order to achieve that quick fix!

1)Drink Iced Water
the benefits of water are endless, models drink lots of iced water, which makes the body work harder in order to warm it up and for it to be absorbed in the body, you burn more calories.

2) Garlic & papaya tablets
A natural supplement, better than the chemical based weight-loss tablets, garlic & papaya together help get rid of fluid in the body, and you loose inches faster.

*again: these are quick-fixes for when you dont have time to workout and need to look good for a certain event ;)it's not a lifestyle weight loss plan!

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