Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Sweet Like CARAMEL...MARYAM AL QATAMI

Meet the adoreable Maryam Al-Qatami, Cake Decorator and Manager of the chic bakery "Caramel" , mouth watering deserts and a pumkin cake that is to DIE FOR, coupled with her mom's secret recipes and Parisien influence with Maryam's creative decorating ideas, they are a blasting duo!

"The pumkin cake is our BEST SELLER"

Not only is she hands-on with the cake decorationg aspect, she also worked at the hospital for kids with special needs for 3 years and wants to continue doing that, as it is part of her life ethic to give back and it is so gratifying at the same time. (Gorgeous square 3-tier pink monochromatic love bird cake)

I had so much fun preping and styling this shoot, I felt like, I was part of a tea party from "Alice & Wonderland", multi-layered tier cakes with pastel sugar fondant, whimsical decorations of birds and butterflies...LOVE!

Thanks Caramel for the sweets how thoughtful, they have created a custom made "Reina" cake inspired by our islet bags & beach dresses, dainty white flowers just like our islet cut out and a Reina pink base like our logo color xxx

I dont want to cut it :(

OMG I'm so overwhelmed so many goodies to pick from, I have my family gathering today, cant wait to serve them these delicious treats for desert! TEA...ANYONE?

Fav beach or holiday place?I've grown up to love nothing but the beach, so anywhere by sea shore would ultimately be my favorite place. I've recently been to Mykonos, and it felt like bliss! I'd love to go to Boracay (an island in the Philippines) one day, it's been a dream of mine for a while and hopefully i'll go there sometime soon :).

Can’t live without for the summer? I cant really decide on one item hehe as for cosmetics i'd go with Chanel waterproof mascara and Lotus Rouge lipstick. I also love fresh summer scents, i'm not a vanilla person but i cant go anywhere without my Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne, or Estee Lauder Tuberose and Gardenia.

What trend will you be wearing for the beach? I'm in love with Nail polish! I change my color every two days or so and i still have plenty that I haven't tried out yet. Bold colors are in this summer, there are plenty of vibrant hues of yellow, orange, green and pinks around for the summer, thats and absolute must have item!

Beauty secret for the summer? Since we are mostly out by the beach during the summer, a good body scrub before the beach will give out an even tan (I recommend natural ginger with lemon) and Argan Oil, its a lightweight oil that can be used as a daily moisturizer or skin treatment.

What swimwear cut to you pick for your body type?I think im more of a strapless one piece cover up bathing suit, but depends on my mood that day i might go for a vibrant bikini.

What is your fav Reina swimwear piece?I love the Miami bathing suit! I prefer strapless over straps and the cut is just perfect.

Address: Bneid Al Gar, Block 1, St. 96, Al Manar Complex on Gulf Road.
Telephone: +965 225 33257/8
Facebook: click here
Twitter: >@CaramelBakeryQ8

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