Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Tatami's FAB Executive Chef Danna Al-Tourah...Easy Steps to Creating a Fresh Summer Salad!

Meet Danna the Fabulous Chef at the newest happening Japanese restaurant TATAMI, modern and sleek interior, with interesting dishes, from seaweed chips, to fresh made dumplings, and whats even cooler is that their sushi rolls are smaller than usual, so for us girls we can finally eat sushi with elegance, without having to over expand our beautiful bouche ;)
Danna graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts, based in New York City.She has worked with people that have food-related health issues and children with special needs in developing food programs to support their dietary needs.(all ingredients used in TATAMI are natural and fresh, with no added SMG's)

Danna was kind enough to share with us one her fav recipe that is great for the SUMMER, fresh and easy to create, a sophisticated TUNA TATAKI salad that can be served at your summer beach house, or having a summer BBQ and WOW your guests! WATCH THE VIDEO A STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL CREATED FOR REINA. click here

Fav beach or holiday place?The Amalfi Coast. I love the coastline of southern Italy, it's charming and beautiful. The beaches are rustic, and the sea is the most gorgeous shade of blue... The beaches are dotted with these great fresh seafood shacks, and the towns are lined with beautiful little shops and cafes. It's the perfect place to unwind and indulge in simplicity. I can't wait to go back!

Can’t live without for the summer? Argan Hair Oil. I have naturally dry & wavy hair, so I use it to tame my mane and keep it from frizzing out. It also gives hair a nice shine. I love that it's lightweight so that it doesn't look like your hair is ironed to your scalp.

What trend will you be wearing for the beach?Light kaftans, something that you can just throw on and still look put together. I always think women look effortlessly elegant in kaftans.

Beauty secret for the summer? Lancaster's Sport SPF30 Sunblock Stick. I spend a lot of time exercizing outdoors, and this product is great for protecting skin against excessive sun exposure. I like that it's not pasty white when applied, and that it doesn't turn into a sticky mess while working out. Another tip is to drink plenty of fresh citrus juices to rid your body of toxins and to give your skin a natural healthy glow.

What swimwear cut to you pick for your body type? love the vintage cuts of the 50s & 60s swimsuits, I think the high-waisted swimsuits flatter petite women.

What is your fav Reina swimwear piece? The solid black Mauritius. I like the clean lines and retro cut of the top.

Address:Omar Bin Khattab St
Shaymaa Tower
Sharq Kuwait City

tel: +965 222 51266/5
For more info: www.tatami-japanese.com
FACEBOOK: click here

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  1. Danna! looking lovely as ever :) must get in touch about this new venture! xo saimah


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