Friday, June 3, 2011

Exotic Morrocan Tanning Oil Mix...Want that GORGEOUS Deep-Pinkish Tan?

Morroco has an array of spices, that are used in food and beauty products, their spice market/Bazaar is to Die for, they are used in many organic products that are natural and good for your body!

Akr Fassi(العكر الفاسي) is a spice that comes in a powder form, which you can mix with any tanning oil to give you that deep-pinkish tan, go to any Middle Eastern or specialized Morrocan food store and you can find it!

Other benefits of this spice is that not only does it give you a great tan, but also clears your skin...LOVE! Also used as a lip tint in some beauty products.

If you prefer more of a deep orange-brownish tan you can get our SECRET HENNA TANNING LOTION MIX click here

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